Living costs in Kazan

The cost of Living in Kazan for students

The cost of living in Kazan as a student depends on the personal lifestyle and the activities a student engages in. However, the average amount of the basic expenses varies between 15 000 and 20 000 RUB per month.


At KIU cafeteria breakfast/lunch will cost you approximately 150-200 RUB. Kazan has a huge variety of restaurants and cafes for every taste. Normally, it is possible to have a good dinner for about 500 RUB per person. However, fast-food restaurants are much cheaper– approximately 300 RUB per person.

The expenses for buying food and beverages and cooking at home are approximately 2 000 RUB a week, where the prices for fruits and vegetables differ according to the season.


An annual medical insurance policy costs about 4300 RUB. This is approximately equivalent to a medical insurance for 300 000-500 000 RUB.


Students transport cards offer substantial discounts on underground transport; buses, trolleybuses, metro and costs up to 1000 RUB per month. Average taxi trip inside Kazan: 100-300 RUB, depending on the distance travelled and the trafic jams.


Russian Mobile SIM card. One minute of an outward call inside Russia: RUB 2-4. Receiving a call is free. Free internet in all KIU buildings makes Skype calls easier!


On-the-campus Internet is available for free (study rooms, library, etc). There is free Wi-Fi in all campuses. Mobile internet might cost from 300 to 1000 RUB a month.

Visa Registration, Visa Prolongation

Every foreigner coming to Russia should have his/her Russian visa registered within 72 hours upon arrival, excluding holidays and weekends. All students first obtain their entrance visa for 90 days. Visa prolongation costs RUB 1600.

Leisure Activities

A ticket to the theater costs from 200 RUB. A movie ticket costs about 200 RUB. Admission to Moscow's museums and exhibition halls costs from 100 RUB. However, there are a lot of discounts for students upon presentation of student ID.

Going to a club might cost between 1 000 to 4 000 RUB per night. Of course, the prices vary depending on the entry fees and clubs’ pricelists. Average cost of a pint of beer in a bar is 300-400 RUB

Accommodation in a Student Dormitory/Apartment

If a student prefers to live in a separate room outside of a dormitory, the prices for renting a room are influenced by the market prices and factors such as proximity to metro stations, location etc.; usually the cost for renting a single room in an apartment is from 15 000 RUB per month, excluding the public utilities costs.

Accommodation in a Student Dormitory costs 4000 rubles per month. The dormitory is new, modern, is located in the historical city center in-campus. You don’t need spend money for transportation.

Clothing and other purchases

Winter clothes and shoes vary in price too: from 2 000 to 20 000 RUB. It depends on student’s personal style and brand preferences. A good winter coat could cost 5 000-8 000 RUB.

Dormitories are not equipped to satisfy every student's need for kitchen tools, so they should have their own kitchen equipment (pots - around 200 RUB, pans - 200 to 500 RUB, plates, etc.; a kettle will cost around 1 000 RUB). Additionally, a good option for cooking at the dormitories will be a rice cooker or an electric pan, which can be found for 2 500 RUB to 5 000 RUB.

Books: prices vary from 400 to 1000 RUB for a book. Usually every bookstore has a section with books in languages other than Russian.

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