Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy

Григорьева Ольга Витальевна Декан факультета психологии и педагогики к.биол.н., доцент

Ванюхина Надежда Владимировна -заместитель декана факультета психологии и педагог


Olga Grigoryeva
PhD in Biology, Associate Professor

Nadezhda Vaniukhina
Deputy Dean for teaching and learning work
PhD in Psycholgy, Associate Professor

 Aleksey Shevtsov
Deputy Dean for science
PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor


The reasons to choose us:

  • TheF of Psychology and Pedagogy was established in 1994 with the support of the Faculty of Psychology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.
  • Our scientists are graduates of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Ulyanovsk universities who have received Russian and international recognition.
  • All classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment, modern diagnostic systems are widely used in the educational process, and a database of our own blank tests has been created.
  • On the basis of the Faculty there are: research laboratories, research psychological center "Eventus", laboratory "Technologies of Inclusive Education", Center for adaptation, rehabilitation and re-socialization "VERA".
  • Our students implement their knowledge in practice, taking an active part in the social-psychological service of the Faculty, the experimental base of "Constellation of talents", "School of counseling" and "School addictology" at the center "Eventus" to gain experience for future employment through lectures by experienced practitioners in the field of defectology and inclusive pedagogy in the center "VERA".
  • Our graduates are competitive, competent specialists with enhanced specialized training, successfully working as psychologists of medical and preventive institutions, employees of HR departments of enterprises and business organizations, teachers-psychologists of educational institutions, employees of social services, specialists of consulting and training centers and many others.

7.jpgAbout us:

Faculty of Psychology was opened in September, 1994. Since that time, the Faculty has passed a long and glorious way. Outstanding scientists and experts in theoretical and practical psychology are working at the Faculty.

Social and Psychological Center works on the basis of the Faculty. The only official of this Center is its head who coordinates the work of main presenters - the Psychology Faculty students. All their work is based on the voluntary action aimed at helping people, so they are further referred to as volunteers.

The Center solves several problems simultaneously and has many functions.

  • Trainings with academic groups
  • Carrying out preventive activities, lectures and seminars about healthy lifestyle
  • Individual psychological advising
  • Diagnostic work
  • Volunteer activity
  • Participation in projects, training in psychological centers

8.jpgThe high quality of research is provided by a psychological research laboratory which is equipped with instrumental and computerized means of psychological diagnostics. The main directions of work are:

  • The laboratory organizes and carries out research work in grants and contracts;
  • Develops, tests and adapts psycho-diagnostic tools;
  • Promotes the patent of inventions of faculty members;
  • Promotes the organization and holding of laboratory practical work for teachers of the faculty and the University;
  • Carries out expertise of technological accidents connected with the human factor;
  • Provides the technical support for psychological research of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students and PhD;
  • Assists the identification of professional preferences and interests among the seniors of secondary schools.


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