Faculty of Management and Engineering Business

Stanislav A. Antonov


Stanislav A. Antonov

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor

The reasons to choose us:

  • The Faculty of Management and Engineering Business is a center for training unique specialists who can work both in traditional industries and organizations and deal with the commercialization of high-tech products in a tough competitive environment.
  • An important feature of the Faculty is the combination of fundamental university engineering and humanities training with no less fundamental training in Economics and Management.
  • Full-cycle higher school (bachelor's, master's, postgraduate, MBA)
  • Dual Degree Program is being implemented with European and American partner universities.
  • The quality management system is certified for compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard in the IQNet system.
  • The Faculty of Management and Engineering Business actively cooperates with state and municipal authorities of the Republic, leading enterprises of Tatarstan, foreign universities and organizations which allows us to maintain the practical orientation of educational programs at a high level.
  • The current system of partnerships with many business schools around the world provides an opportunity to complete internships abroad.
  • Annual forums, conferences, workshops from Russian and foreign experts in the field of management, trainings on building successful career paths.
  • The level of knowledge and skills obtained allows students to become highly qualified managers, specialists in the field of Quality Management, Applied Computer Science, Information Security or State and Municipal Management.
  • Graduates of the Faculty are specialists of a new type who have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills of a manager, economist and engineer, that are engineers-managers.

About us:

менеджмент1.jpgThis Faculty is one of the youngest faculties in the University: it was opened in 2003. All these years the faculty grew rapidly and became one of the leading companies in the country in preparation of skilled managers and marketing specialists. There is consistently high competition among the applicants wishing to become managers in hospitality and tourist business, marketing specialists, experts of management quality, entrepreneurs on this Faculty. Specialists in these areas are very popular in job markets now, that’s why graduates of the Faculty always find well-paid and interesting jobs. Many of them start working while they are still students. The University has contacts with the leading enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan where students can gain their first work experience. Some students do internships abroad. Our students have already visited Turkey, China and the USA.

Training the future specialists in the Department is conducted by qualified instructors who annually publish monographs, academic papers, books on the topical issues of management and marketing and their experience is used in practice. Scientists and postgraduate students are involved in research activities, many of them show creative, unconventional approach to study of a particular problem.

Wherever our institution is presented - at conferences, competitions, creative, intellectual or athletic contests and competitions – among the менеджмент2.JPGleaders we can hear the names of the students of the Faculty of Management and Engineering Business.

The University has created all conditions for the graduates of the Faculty not only to study the theory, but also to be practically skilled in economics, management and marketing, fluent in foreign languages and information technology. This allows them to accumulate professional activities during their studies at the University.

Since 2006, the Faculty has been training the bachelors. Since 2007-2008 the Faculty has been conducting the Master’s programs. Under the guidance of leading faculty members graduates successfully present PhD theses in Economics.

All specialties opened at the faculty are in great demand among the applicants and in the regional labor market. Demand in graduates increases due to fast growth of the service sector and consumer market in comparison to other industries, due to high level of efficiency and return on investment in these areas.


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