Social Philosophy Scientific Research Institute


Oleg Agapov

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

SRI aims to:

  • study the most topical issues of formation of social and humanitarian cognition;
  • explore the alternatives of social and anthropological development;
  • conduct active advisory social and cultural activities for supporting civil society institutions.

SRI team together with the Institute of synergetic anthropology won grants of Russian Foundation for Basic Research in the frameworks of scientific topic “Ideas and methods of synergetic anthropology in the context of social philosophy”.

Participation of SRI members in the grant of The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for realization of Federal Action Program “Scientific and pedagogic specialists of innovative Russia in 2012-2015” with the status of “Leading Russian scientific school” was the big achievement in 2012.

In the frameworks of grant realization the following activities were conducted:

  • scientific and philosophical research “Modernization of foundations of humanitarian knowledge and education on the basis of new model of human” (September-December 2012);
  • All-Russian youth philosophical school “Synergetic anthropology as an interdisciplinary discourse of social-humanitarian disciplines” (July 2013).

In 2014 SRI members together with Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Institute for Systems Analysis” won a grant of Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation “Anthropological diagnostics of modern social reality on the basis of synergetic anthropology”.

In September 2015 the first issue of international humanitarian anthology “Diogenes’ Lantern” was published. Its editorial board consisted of the leading philosophers of Russia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, China, and Brazil. In September 2016 the second issue of “Diogenes’ Lantern” is going to be published.

Partner relations

At the moment Social Philosophy Scientific Research Institute actively cooperates on a range of scientific projects with the leading Russian philosophical academic departments. Interconnection of Russian philosophical community strengthens SRI research potential, enriches its subjects, and provides the opportunities for more active participation in grants seeking, conducting joint theoretic-methodological seminars and All-Russian research and practical conferences.

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